Lena Dunham reveals she battled coronavirus

Lena Dunham reveals she battled coronavirus

Lena Dunham on Friday unveiled that she battled the coronavirus in mid-March — and that she’s however enduring crushing just after-outcomes of the condition.

The 34-calendar year-previous creator and star of HBO’s “Girls” gave a specific account of her illness in an Instagram publish titled, “My Covid Tale.”

“It begun with achy joints,” Dunham wrote, “then the agony was joined by a crushing exhaustion. Then a fever of 102.”

“Suddenly my system simply revolted.”

The New York native, who suffers from a host of continual sicknesses, mentioned she professional really serious signs or symptoms for about three months, which she used in isolation. She did not say where she contracted COVID-19 or the place she self-quarantined.

For the duration of her health issues, she wrote that, “the nerves in my toes burned and muscles would not appear to do their career. My palms were being numb. I could not tolerate loud noises. I couldn’t sleep but I couldn’t wake up. I misplaced my perception of taste and odor.”

“It felt like I was a sophisticated equipment that experienced been unplugged and then experienced my wires rerouted into the incorrect inputs.”

Dunham stated that she did not have to be hospitalized, as a doctor addressed her at home, noting that “this kind of palms-on consideration is a privilege that is much too abnormal in our damaged health care system.”

For three weeks, she claimed her times “blended into each individual other like a rave absent mistaken.”

Just after a month, she analyzed adverse for the virus — but is continue to experiencing health problems that she “did NOT have” in advance of catching COVID-19.

Those incorporated obtaining swollen hands and toes, a continuous migraine and debilitating fatigue.

“Even as a chronically sick human being, I had by no means felt this way,” she wrote.

She claimed she was compelled to inform her story just after seeing the “carelessness” of people when it comes to wearing masks, social distancing or taking other safety measures to ward off the disease.

“When you acquire the suitable measures to guard on your own and your neighbors,” she wrote, “you save them a world of pain.”

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